1.1 Can I order a dress in different color?

Yes! All of our chainmail designs can be made in ANY color you can find on our website. Just simply pick a design you want and leave us a note for the color change request. You're most welcome to communicate with us on the color selections. 

1.2 I need the side slits to be lower, is it possible to adjust the slits?

Yes! We can totally do that! Since every dress is made to order, we can adjust the slits up or down just let us know what you need. 

1.3 I have smaller top but wider in hips area, which size should I choose?

Please simply leave us your size details on bust, waist, hips, height and we will make the dress based on your given sizes. For instance, if you normally wear size medium for a regular material dress, you can still order medium first but leave your size details in the notes. We'll be able to see it and adjust the size for you. 

1.4 Can I have different metalware to match with the dress?

Yes! Please leave your requests in the order note and we'll change the metalware on the dress to the color you want within our selection.

1.5 I'm not sure which size I should choose for myself or for my lady, what can I do?

If you don't have the size measurements at the moment, you may choose any size first but leave us to hold and do not make the dress yet, until you get the measurements later. You may either PM us through online chatting system, or PM through instagrame @loveshinygal, or send email to service@shinygal.com

1.6 What size details I should be giving to you guys?

For the chainmail top, the size details we need are your shoulder width, bust, the expected length of the top you need. 

For the chainmail skirt, the size details we need are your waist, hips, the expected length of the skirt you need. 

For the chainmail dress, the size details we need are your bust, waist, hips or butt whichever the widest part, height & weight if possible.



2.1 I really need this dress urgently, do you have rush shipping option?

Yes! We have expedited shipping for your orders which will cost $49.99 and it'll reach you within 3-5 business days. But we also need 2-3 days to make your dress. If the material is available, we will prioritize your order and get it made within 1-2 days. Please contact us via instagram or email for confirmation before placing any rush order

2.2 What is the difference between flat shipping (free) & standard shipping ($9.99)?

The free flat shipping will take around 10-20 business days to arrive, and the standard shipping will take around 5-10 business days to arrive to USA. Shipping timeframe will be slightly longer to other countries. On top of that, we will still need 2-3 days to make the dresses.

2.3 Can you guarantee that I can get this dress before a certain date?

Honestly, our main duty is to make the dress as fast as we could while still maintaining the good quality and then hand over the parcel to our shipping carrier at earliest time. We totally have no control over shipment once we have handed over the parcel to our shipping. There are also many factors that could influence the shipping timeframe, therefore, please contact us via Instagram or email for shipping confirmation if you are unsure about the shipping time. 


3. Make contact

3.1 How can I contact you guys for the customization request?

There are 3 ways that you can always find us:

a. email => service@shinygal.com (will be replied within 24 hours during business days)

b. IG (INSTAGRAM) => look for @loveshinygal and send private message

c. website online chatting system => if you have a question, you can easily drop it there. We might not be able to reply immediately, but we'll see it and reply back to you through email later.